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Why organic beats natural any day!

"Natural" has no real definition, and any company can make a junk, synthetic product and call it natural. Natural has no standard or proof. Our soap, in contrast, were made according to USDA standards, which is a rigorous certification process. 

"Organic" applies to several aspects of our soap. First, it guarantees that there are no synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives in the soap. "Natural" cannot guarantee that, and many "natural" products contain these unhealthy synthetic ingredients.  
Second, it guarantees that all the oils and herbs were grown - and processed - according to organic standards (no pesticides, no radiation, environmentally friendly methods, etc.). Products that are not certified organic, even though they use plant-based ingredients, still may be causing harm to the earth because those non-organic raw ingredients were grown with pesticides or farmed by clear-cutting forests.

Linea Shalom Organic Mists
Linea Shalom Organic Mists

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Linea Shalom