Linea Shalom

  Le Sorelle Ursino

Bella Bambola BB Cream

Bella Bambola blemish balm (BB) cream broad spectrum SPF 30 now available!  1.1 fl. oz.

This treatment cream primes, tints, nourishes, evens skin tone and helps strengthen skin in one simple step.  Protects against damaging UV rays with Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

Bella di Makeda Face

Why Bella di Makeda?

Beauty, what is it?  Solomon, The Queen of Sheba, and my product line, BelladiMakeda, the holistic line of Le Sorelle Ursino.  I have always been intrigued by religion and ancient history, so it is no wonder that the story about the Queen of Sheba's journey by caravan to visit King Solomon influenced me in formulation and naming of my new beauty line: Sheba was also known as Makeda. She was very beautiful, and had more than she needed, yet she found something missing and went to great lengths to find it and possess it, this was her mission. She heard of this great man, who's wisdom was divinely inspired and wanted to know him at all costs, for to her this was a "beauty" that she wanted to possess. The Beauty of Wisdom, which the Bible also includes a verse (Job) stating that Wisdom is more precious then pearls, and Makeda had a surplus of pearls and was very rich. However, Makeda knew something was missing and what was missing was the knowledge that King Solomon possessed.  In order for her to feel and be truly complete, she needed to know this man.  Solomon accepted her invite finding her to be a "beauty" that he also wanted to possess.  The mix between wisdom and beauty brought about a new Royal Dynasty, a dynasty that was still mentioned in the New Testament.  So, as you see, this story made an impact on me , and that is why I decided to name the new line BelladiMakeda. This new line should be beautiful, and rich in natural minerals, that can enrich us in our obsession to become or stay beautiful, without forgetting that "True Beauty" comes from within, deep within our soul.  It is there we will find that when we love, when we are kind, it is then that we are most beautiful, and that "Kindness" is the highest form of Wisdom.