Linea Shalom

  Le Sorelle Ursino

Once upon time, in the sleepy mountain top village of Montepaone, Italy, overlooking the Ionian Sea, a little girl by the name of “Rosalba” was born to the proud parents of Francesco and Nina Ursino.  Little Rosalba loved to play in the small winding streets and religiously set out each morning to the nearby stone wall to gaze upon the vast beauty of her coastal village which she considered her own little “kingdom”.

Rosalba was also intrigued with the fragrances and aromas of the region and seasons such as the scent of fresh tangerines during Christmas time.  She looked forward to going into the “campagna” to gather fruits from the many diverse trees on the family land.  Colors also played a very important part in Rosalba’s life as she often spoke about the blue of the Ionian Sea and the ink blue sky at night that cast an enchanted spell over her little village.  Rosalba remembers the small little coffee table in her mother's living room that was made of mahogany in detailed carvings, she tells of how the most beautiful aspect of this inanimate object of art was the blue mirror glass top and how she would just gaze at the blueness.  Also, she recalls the crystal vase that shone like a million stars when the Calabrese sun light would reflect off of it from the balcony.  All these things remained permanently embedded in the heart and soul of Rosalba.

Later, at an early age, Rosalba left her little “kingdom” and settled in Boston, Massachusetts to start a new life, but her “way of life” was still very much a part of her.  A grown woman now, Rosalba is still intrigued by the beauty of nature and the bounty that sustains us.  Rosalba has traveled extensively and tells of the magnificent journeys that brought her to foreign lands while cruising across the ocean.  God’s use of the color blue is somewhat spectacular she says, “In blue, you see eternity, you see purity, Rosalba, often breaks into song, as she loves music and will sing, "I see different shades of blue, crystal clear and misty hues”.  Rosalba sees the natural beauty that some seem to dismiss as somewhat "normal" instead of “natural”, which to her means all things of beauty have the Nature of God within them.  Truly, she says, "if one seeks riches, one needs to only look at what has been freely given to us all for you cannot get richer than that".  Her love for nature's beauty was the motivating force in her desire to create and launch products that were truly good and in harmony with the world and the precious natural resources available for our benefit.  Thus, "Le Sorelle Ursino" Linea Shalom PAX CUM NATURA came about.

In December of 2009, two products were created. These products were inspired by reflecting on the memories of Rosalba's childhood and the sweet aromatic fragrance from pure soaps of that era and how one felt truly "cleansed" and ready to seize the day (Carpe Diem).  With this thought her first very own original products came about.  Eden's First Rain, a soap infused with frankincense from Somalia, where some believe is the location of the Garden of Eden, and powerful Tanja, infused with red Moroccan clay and cedarwood essential oil.  CERTIFIED ORGANIC

"Don't just cleanse, immerse yourself in the purification of where nature began".

Rosalba Ursino